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The Intelligent Health Pavillions


Technology Integration

Mobile power cart solution for healthcare applications and medical device integration.

Technology is always progressing at a fast rate but been able to use it in day to day practises is another story. With many innovative organisation thriving in new technology they all have missed the  most important aspect, can we use it , today.

At Himss we have demonstrated the gap between technology and practicality in relation to patient care. It is becoming most common for hospitals to adopt the regular use of devices to help with data collection and data access. The only issue is the limitations on the device continue reading to find out more.

Be at the ready, don’t waste a single second. With confident user, utilising bytec carts to have all they need ready when and where  you need it most, 24/7. Access you application at any time.

See how data is changing the face of healthcare. At IHA we have demonstrated the essential technology to enhance current processes.

With adoption of mobile devices increasing the need for support for mobile power. As we can understand  having large carts with huge batteries can become more of an effort for the benefits it gives. With Bytec products we focus on light weight solutions, trying to make efforts easier and with every function a standard medical has if not more. Most lightweight carts won’t have a power solution.

Our solution are more of a personalized Process rather attachment to you healthcare environment. Each cart is designed to fit all purposes or can be adapted to fit your purpose. All this with 24/7 operation, in a slim lightweight design. What more can you ask for in a cart, Well cost. 

HIMss Artical


Our carts were featured in multiple rooms displaying today’s typical healthcare environment to demonstrate how well our products merge with today’s practises.


Our first demonstration was placed in the ED room which simulates a patients process for sample collection. We elaborate on how the nurse can easily move from patent to patent having all the equipment in one convenient place. 

Overbed Cart - Terminal Workstation
Emergency Room - Workstation
4 Bay Medical Battery Ccharger

With no need to secure to a power source they are free to relocate where ever best suits them and the patent.


With the support of our battery technology, you are able to run all application for 24/7 on a single ecosystem. The benefit of this adoption is the more or larger the system is the easier it is to swap a battery when needed. With more Powerpoints you can ensure continuous operation. That’s not even the best bit.

OR - Operations example - Bytec Healthcare
Double Screen Workstation

With the ability to adapt our power solution onto more equipment (non-bytec products), you own equipment can be powered by the same system providing more freedom and provide a more stable ecosystem. If any device or equipment needs a top up you can simply swap the battery. 

Patent Care Artical
Enhance Patent Care

Delivering the best quality of service.


During the HIMss Expo, we brought to attention the necessary need for not only a cart that enables you to access the application and provide patent care but one that was simple.


We wanted technology that was approachable, simple to use, and everything else put out of sight. It wasn’t important that we “showed off” the technology, it was important that the technology did not get in the way.


Bytec batteries are optimized for effective power delivery and charge. It has been worked out that the necessary time needed with optimum settings to allow 24/7 operation. Lithium-Ion cells were lighter, smaller, and had better life cycles than any of the legacy systems available.

Having free movement of equipment and data information improves  overall performance. On the right is a small clip showing how easy it is for a nurse to operate such a lightweight cart. It does not get in the way and it helps to have the ability to easily maneuver and relocate the cart if necessary. Have what you need ready at all times preparing yourself to give the best patient care.

Patient Care

Where and when you need it.


Improve patient care with this simple solution to provide easy to use easy to move adjustable and clean friendly Carts . All the features needed to boost patient care. Decrease the time entering data or collecting and spend more time with the patent. Even perceived care , having been close to the patent, gives the feeling that they are been taken care of at all time. With Our solutions of carts, you find the optimum cart for any procedure needed.


With long service life you won’t have to worry about maintaining or repairing and can be monitored remotely through our geni-View app. This makes it extremely unique in the way you can manage your carts. See where they are, even see its live activity. This makes it very easy to see what’s happening with the carts

At IHA they demonstrated how easy it was to provide care, even unattended, which is one of the best highlights of this. Been cost effective the patient can still receive instruction and timed medication. Get on a live feed for a instant doctors meeting right from the comfort of their own home, with less time messing around with equipment you have more time to focus on the caring. 

One System - Medical Workstation
ED Room

The simple the better - One System


Computing technology and peripherals, as well as most other technologies, are getting smarter and more power efficient. Bytec batteries are optimized for effective power delivery and charge. It has been work out that the necessary time needed with optimum settings to allow 24/7 operation. Lithium-Ion cells were lighter, smaller, and had better life cycles than any of the legacy systems available.


We set the target at 200Wh, which is a run time of about 8 hours for a 25-30W panel PC if powered in the most efficient configuration. Add wall chargers where they are most conveniently accessed. It takes only 10 seconds to change a Power Module and continue to work. There was one battery pack that could be used cross platform. Most standard power solutions will say 3000 cycles at xWatt output which looks good on paper but reality of inefficient power delivery has a huge impact on its ability to deliver power and charge.

For a battery system, wasted energy means :

  • lower run times, 

  • lower usable capacity

  • shorter effective life cycle count

  • more hot swaps

  • higher current draws 

  • Some system lose 40% in charge and discharge power conversion, that is 400 cycles for every 1000 life cycle wasted !!

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