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"Everything in one place, everything on one system"

GEN2(Draws) + LAP-Cart (Draws) + Shelves

Mobile Healthcare Workstations

Powered Mobile Carts 


Medical Equiptment Stand

This innovative lightweight healthcare stand can quickly respond to caregivers needs making sure the nurse can focus on what matter most, the patients.


Our Equip Series incoporates multiple shelves that can be fixed at any positon along the stand. This provides a large amount of equiptment space suitable for most medical devices. With Geni-tec Mobile power solution you can turn you stand into a mobile unit, making it the ideal solution for printing, scanner and monitoring mobile units. 

How it works
GEN2(Draws) + LAP-Cart (Draws) + Shelves
Get it powered up,
Support your computing needs.

"We have Incorporated GeniTec on all our products"

Our intuitive modular design allows you to incorporate all your computing needs, combining quality, beauty and strength, to accomplish unparallel performance in mobile computing. Our ergonomic medical equipment stands neatly includes your equipment into a compact unit bringing you the best medical device solution that respects ergonomic characteristics for extended use.

Shelves-Cart (COLL) 1.png
Simple, yet effective.
All you need, ready to go!

The EquipStand Seriers offer a wide range of medical equipment support. Along side our GeniTec battery technology become a effective compact mobile unit. Using our newest base design provides a wider body to allow more space for equipment. 



Equipment shelves - make the best use of your carts space.

Large or small shelves can be fitted for the maximum use of space on the cart. this provides a stable platform to hold medical devices or general devices.


Add Power - Go GeniTec

The only element missing is the true mobility of the cart. Make your efforts worthwhile and truly go mobile. Benefit from all the wireless power and sit-to-stand functionality without the hassle of been stuck to a wall.

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"Our mission is to develop innovative solutions that healthcare professionals need in order to provide quality care to their patients....."

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