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"Everything in one place, everything on one system"

Light and easy by design


We provide some of the best lightweight mobile workstation solutions for healthcare environments. Our MITCart is made specifically to enhance both patients and nurses experience. We provide traditionally built products, combining quality, beauty and strength. Our elegant design, driven by a simplistic application of form and function, respecting ergonomic characteristics for extended use while standing or sitting.   


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For your all in One Computing. 

Suitable for AIO Medical Computers.

Our MITCart range of mobile workstations is simple in design yet practical in use. With a strong and stable platform, our custom made aluminium base and heavy duty castors stand up to the rigours of a long working day. Designed to be infection control friendly all surface finishes, textures and materials allow for cleaning quickly and effectively.


Let us colour code your MITCart range and accessories to match your working environment. We can also supply Panel PC displays and tailor our Geni-Tec power system to your cart.

Bytec MIT-Cart - Medical workstation
Bytec MIT-Cart - Medical workstation

Light weight design for easy mobility

"Small footprint for space saving"



The MITCart was built as a light version of the smart cart, with full computing capability you are able to have a complete workstation that can be fitted in tight spots. Due to the 5 star base, depending on the equipment attached can be neatly lined up into each other to save space, a little like a puzzle they all fit together.


Bytec Healthcare is dedicated to developing mobile hardware platforms and battery power systems to facilitate the integration of technology, improving workflows and improving patient outcomes.

Add Accessories & Power.

Product Summary
Medical workstation by Bytec Healthcare

Completing the Picture

Take a look at our New AIO Computer system, Seamlessly integrated on any Mobile platform. 


"Our mission is to develop innovative solutions that healthcare professionals need in order to provide quality care to their patients....."

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