Novos 2000 Range


Height Adjustable arm, with cable management, the Novos 3000 range can provide assisted lift for a range of products, including medical devices, terminals and displays.


It includes a locking mechanism to allow for stable usage in some applications.


Medical Mounting Solutions


Novos Modular Mount

The Novos range of precision engineered mounting solution incorporates an inclusive technology, innovative cable management system (Patent Pending) allowing cables to be protected from damage while maintaining a cable-free environment for easy cleaning and better infection control processes


The Novos range is made up of groups. The attachment section, the arm section and the equipment mount section.


Each section is made up of various options, with each option available across the different arm configuration. 

Modular Construction

Unique design for internal cabling for a neat and tidy setup. Fewer wires visible means less to worry about, cancelling out the need to clean independent wires. Simply clutter free. Designed so well we got it patented.

Integrated Cable Management

Rugged Construction

Built to withstand any environment. Our rugged construction ensures durability with an additional protective coating to defend against harsh environments and heavy use.

Easy Positioning

Quick adjustment to position for comfort and reduce strain and competitive stress. With minimal locking section, our Novos arm can be easily moved. With optional attachments puts the freedom in your hands.

Patent Approved

Height Adjustable

Effortless movement and support, let our Novos arm do the heavy lifting for you. Give your environment an extra helping hand by supplying ergonomic solutions that save space and betters productivity and workflows 

45o Tilt Angle

Extensive tilt angle to support all forms of use. A good example is our AIO Touch screen and arm solutions. The AIO gets tilted so that it is flat for easy touch screen typing.

Built to withstand any environment. Our rugged construction ensures durability with an additional protective coating to defend again Harsh environments and Heavy use.

(Standard Color Blue - Color Subject to MOQ)

Colour Options 

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The modular design allows for a number of different configuration for differing applications and environments. However, we understand that this may not always be enough. If you require something specific, then please let us know your requirements.

Modular Parts



Fixing Adapter

Arm Style

Mounting option



We have made it easy to create your own configuration.

Build your own mounting solution.

Novos Modules

Our channel adaptors are available in both horizontal and vertical, these adaptors can be used to fit onto wall channel extrusion, as well as our carts and stands.

Medi-rail systems can be found in most hospitals, so these adapters allow arms to be fitted conveniently to existing solutions. Also available in horizontal and vertical types.

In many operating room environments, the use of poles as a means of attaching equipment to overhead gantries are commonplace. These pole mount types can be used to attach to various pole diameters.

We have a variety of mounting heads, providing a large amount of options to fit all types of screens and equipment, including standard mounts for displays and keyboards.

We also provide specialist mounting options for special requirements we have a range of kits to help attach medical equipment from different manufacturers.


Novos 500

Take a look at our Datasheet for the specification

or Take a look at a case study.

Novos 500 - Enlightened Work 

The Novos 500 range focuses only on our single arm modules to provide extended reach letting you place your monitor or medical device at a postural positive position, releasing any repetitive strain, having adjustable arms means you can setup quickly and get the best position in any situation.  

Versatile Design, clean looks

Never be content with limiting your options, we give you the flexibility to customise our Novos arm range with a list of models you can attach and the option to pick a colour that compliments your environment or warns your visitors.


Novos 2000

Take a look at our Datasheet for specification

or Take a look at a case study.

Novos 2000 Height Adjustable Mount.

Functionality & Purpose

The Novos 2000 features our height adjustable arm module which allowing the mount to move vertical as well as horizontal. The Arm module has a changeable gas strut which provides assisted lift for the arm to support all types of monitors and medical devices.

Smart Design, Patent Approved

Ergonomic & built to last.

"Internal cable management - Patent Approved"


Built to withstand any environment. Our Novos range has not just been designed to suite the medical industry but designed with strength and cable management in mind. However our main focus has been to provide a wire free healthcare, which we have achieved though our innovative cable management, So good we got it patented.


Airos Wallmount

Take a look at our Datasheet for specification

or Take a look at a case study.

For your all in One Computing. 

Suitable for AIO Medical Computers.

Our Airos wall mount is the perfect solution for a central PC hub which adjusts with ease to level at the correct user height. The central handle allows effortless adjustments to meet the ideal position while still achieving a slim slick look and discreet mounting which allows more space for other equipment.

Ergonomic Design to save

you Space

"Small footprint for space saving"


We designed this to have excellent cable management and rounded surfaces for easy cleaning and disinfecting. Why not complete it with our silver ion bio protected Medi-Key. For the best match, we recommend a PPC or AIO computer display which we can provide for more information please call +44 (0) 1737378800

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"A uniquely beautiful and practical design, introduces a new level in performance and safety..."

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