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MediKey Medical Grade Keyboard

The MediKey is a small form factor intelligent medical grade keyboard specifically designed and trialled to meet the strict demand of hospital wards both for patient access and clinical access requirements, including A&E department and other healthcare environments.


It's manufactured using high quality hypoallergenic latex-free silicone rubber. We have also embedded smart disinfect functions to provide effective infection control.


With over 15,000 keyboards in use today, it is a trusted accessory for critical applications.

Bytec Healthcare is dedicated to developing mobile hardware platforms and battery power systems to facilitate the integration of technology, improving workflows and improving patient outcomes.


MediKey Features

Medi-Key - Bytec Keyboards

Soft to the touch,

But surprisingly rugged and built to last. 

"with silver-ion anti-bacterial additive"


This Medical Keyboard is specifically designed around ease of use and infection control. Using high quality hypoallergenic latex-free silicone rubber coated to provide excellent mechanical and chemical resistance to chlorine and alcohol-based disinfectants.

Unique Design

Ergonomically designed, we keep all our products slick and simple.

"with or without function keys, our keyboards can be fully customisable in design and coding"


With our intuitive user-friendly design benefiting from our ongoing ergonomic research, our keyboards are optimised for comfortable use. Smooth contours of the low profile keys provide effortless data entry.  

Medi-Key - Bytec Keyboards
Medi-Key - Removable Dock

Wireless Docking

Easy charging, easy use 


An optional wireless capability benefiting from our smart docking station (patent pending)  designed to mount the keyboard on a VESA mount, as well as for charging which the keyboard is docked. The dock communicates with its paired keyboard wirelessly using wireless USB standard and re-pairs automatically when attached to a new dock. With a minimum run time of 18 hours on a full charge, the keyboard has the power to keep going.


Hot swappable

Using Remote docks

Not only can you remove the keyboard from the dock you can reattach it to any dock and it will automatically pair, disconnecting from its previous dock making the keyboard fuss-free when swapping out for cleaning, or for clinical staff to use their own keyboard while on a ward round. 


With an optional remote charging dock, located at the bedside, the MediKey Wireless keyboard can be used to control and type on a large wall mount Panel PC/TV or smart boxes. This allows for charging as well as a pairing for the keyboard. The remote dock pairs with the master dock connected to the display device.

Medi-Key - Removable Dock

Built-in Touch Pad

No Mouse needed, More worktop space

Embedded touchpad for easy navigation and options for adding shortcut function keys, and a built-in number pad. All the necessary tools needed in one place for good convenience and enhanced workflow. Built for comfort and extended use, no grooves or dirt traps, medium soft silicone for a soft touch but still tough and solid. Low profile keys for enhancing response for a better workflow and touch experience. 

Medi-Key - Custom Keys
Silver-ion Technology for effective infection control with our unique verification security pigment.

One of the leading UK silver-ion antibacterial additives has been added to our material for the effective surface defence of harmful bacteria including E.coli and MRSA. However, with such an important function how could we be sure that our additives were present the following manufacturer? So we developed in partnership a "proof of presence" system which we have used in our products since 2012.


Our exclusive additive combines anti-bacterial technology with security technology. We source, control and supply our additives into our supply chain for use in our plastics, paints and coatings. As part of our quality control, we use a special laser with an invisible beam of light which illuminates the security pigment in our additive. This produces a spot of green light on the surface confirming that our additive has been used successfully in the batch. 

Medi-Key - Lazer security
Clean Manager
Advanced Infection control
Smart Cleaning Schedule

Although the use of antibacterial additives is a great feature, it is only a secondary defence since it only works on bacteria contact directly on the surface. It remains vitally important that a cleaning regime, using clinical cleaning agents, is implemented across all healthcare devices to ensure a safe care environment.


The MediKey self-monitors its usage and advises an appropriate cleaning schedule through the use of the smart disinfectant function and disinfect signal LED. This "use-based", as well as a "time-based" approach, provides a balance between using and cleaning the keyboard to minimise cross-contamination issues. The keyboard even senses it's surface to ensure that it has been cleaned sufficiently before the disinfect signal is turned off. 


With the use of material technologies, surface sensing and use and time-based cleaning alerts, the keyboard are there to monitor and assist in the cleaning routine, so there is no need for replaceable covers 

Medi-Key - Cleaning Managment


Disinfect Mode      
Clean me - "properly please" 


In Disinfect Mode        we want to encourage a thorough cleaning cycle by sensing the surface and making sure that the keys and touchpad have been covered.  Once all set keys have been interacted with, the Disinfect Mode will finish by showing a solid light. To enter Disinfect Mode simply press Function (FN)        + ESC         for 5 seconds, disinfect icon will start flashing, once cleaning is complete Press       +       again to turn off Disinfect Mode. 




Disinfect Mode




Disinfect Mode

The Washable Keyboard
IP65, water resistant


The MediKey is sealed to IP65 standards allowing it to be used in wash-down areas and deep cleaning, with low profile keys, the MediKey is quick and easy to clean. It's fully washable and can be submerged underwater for a deeper clean.

Medi-Key - Washable Keyboard
Backlighting illumination
Clear, even in the dark


With the optional backlit feature for special projects, you can benefit from clear visible keys illumination to help you type, even during photosensitive applications or procedures. As your eye receptors are based on light reflections your reaction to identify the correct key is increased making backlit keyboards the ultimate in response and versatility.


Take a look at our Datasheet for specification

or Take a look at a case study.

Complete the picture, take a look at our AIO Displays.


With our wide range of displays, you can use our recommended setups for the best results in performance. we specialise in AIO solutions where all common practices are addressed in one system. We are now producing Skylake OS rolling out new efficient processing.

Take a look at our Datasheet for specification

or Take a look at a case study.

Bytec Healthcare - Rheda AIO Display

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"Our mission is to develop innovative solutions that healthcare professionals need in order to provide quality care to their patients....."

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