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Changing the way you work

"Everything in one place, everything on one system"

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Mobile Healthcare Workstations

Powered Mobile Carts 


Medical Powered Stand

This innovative lightweight healthcare stand can quickly respond to caregivers needs making sure the nurse can spend focus on what matter most, the patients.


Our Genistand providing an easy-to-manoeuvre height-adjustable Medical cart build around our Geni-tec power system. We have and are the only manufacturer that has a hot-swap system internally build into the cart as well as focused on an ergonomic design for the healthcare environment. With many attachments, accessories and build in keyboard tray, you will be sure to find the perfect fit. Even if it's not perfect, we can make it perfect (Go OEM Custom stands)

How it works


Equipment shelves - make the best use of your carts space.

Large or small shelves can be fitted for the maximum use of space on the cart. this provides a stable platform to hold medical devices or general devices.


Add Power - Go GeniTec

The only element missing is the true mobility of the cart. Make your efforts worthwhile and truly go mobile. Benefit from all the wireless power and sit-to-stand functionality without the hassle of been stuck to a wall.

Whee to Buy

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"Our mission is to develop innovative solutions that healthcare professionals need in order to provide quality care to their patients....."

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