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"Everything in one place, everything on one system"

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Combined functionality. Fast Response

For both staff and patient.

We understand the importance of patient engagement and how it contributes to a better experience. Providing the right care at the right time has never been easier as we introduce our overbed cart that combines all key communications for both patients and staff.


With split functionality, the staff are able to respond at the bedside while engaged with the patient. As well as the patient benefiting from using the patient platform where they have access to all the hospital's activities and announcements removing any uncertainties.

Light weight design for easy mobility

"Let's not forget the basics"


It's light versatile, height adjustable with our biggest worktop so far. Aimed to please all users with easy integration of devices and PCs alongside our mature power system, now in its 3rd generation, to provide a completely wireless solution and available "hot-swap".

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Where to Buy

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Bytec Healthcare is dedicated to developing mobile hardware platforms and battery power systems to facilitate the integration of technology, improving workflows and improving patient outcomes.

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"Our mission is to develop innovative solutions that healthcare professionals need in order to provide quality care to their patients....."

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