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Engineering Development 

Mobilising Healthcare

We can follow a project from concept to final delivery entirely-in house, which is a huge benefit to our customers. The close working relationship we develop with our customers, coupled with the reduction in logistics, enables Bytec to deliver a service that is second to none.

Experienced Senior Design Engineers work from our head office in the UK to develop each design solution both in terms of its aesthetics and its functionality. Our Taiwanese office then follows our lead to production, detailing the designs to ensure maximum economic benefit.

Consultive Services 

In addition to our own products, Bytec has the capability to act as a consultant to third parties seeking to utilise our considerable expertise in market analysis, product development and prototyping.

Along with thoroughly researching the existing market, we draw upon customer feedback and our own design experience in order to conceptualise new products that are both functional and aesthetic, while fulfilling the customers design brief.

Consultive Services

Design Services

Lets make it happen

Bytec is supported within the Group by in-house design, engineering and manufacturing facilities, including 3D CAD, electronics, firmware development and assembly.

From concept to full manufacture, Bytec constantly re-invests in research and development. With access to over 30 years of experience in Human Machine Interfacing systems, Bytec provides comprehensive design and product development services to the medical, transportation and defence industries.

Our Engineering and Design teams collaborate with both local and international specialist partners and suppliers.

Bytec Stratigy
Design Services
OEM Services

OEM Services

Utilising both our in-house team of experienced designers and our own manufacturing plants in the Far East, Bytec can easily provide project management expertise for the custom design and build of your product from start to finish.

Through careful supply chain management, project planning, and progress control, Bytec ensures that all elements of a project are professionally managed. If you are looking to outsource the management of manufacturing, we can help handle the implementation by designing a manufacturing process that ensures your needs are met – giving you all the information you need to track performance, quality, cost, inventory, and lead-time.

In offering these services we not only allow you to concentrate on other projects, but draw on our own knowledge and experience to deliver an end product that exceeds all expectations.

Bytec Helathcare Stratigy
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