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Healthcare Accessories 


The ZQ600 takes Zebra's popular QLn platform and makes it even better - adding advanced technology and innovative design that drive productivity, ease-of-use and manageability to a new level this premium mobile printer offers a large colour display, fast 801.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connection, class-leading battery technology and configured with Bytec Geni-tec products for full-shift power and powerful remote management tools.

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Experience better performance, simplified remote manageability and easier integration for Link-OS printers.





Designed, produced and rigorously pretested, Zebra Certified Supplies ensure consistent and optimised Performance





Zebra OneCare SV is designed to support and enable critical business processes at an economical price point.






Experience better performance, simplified remote manageability

Designed, produced and rigorously tested for reliability Zebra Certified


Practical, easy to use and easy to clean, using mobile printing technology to produce barcodes is becoming the definitive means of reducing errors in patient identification. Barcode wristbands help to eliminate confusion and increase staff certainty and, as a result, quality of patient care.

Specimen collect, medication labelling and blood administration, all can be carried out more confidently and efficiently using mobile printing while looking towards the adoption of electronic medical records, meeting relevant legislation and achieving budgetary and business goals.





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