Medical Touch Screen

AIO All-In-One Computer

Medical Quality :

This AIO All-in-one is designed for clinical use in a healthcare environment. 

60601 safety & Endurance :

Our AIO meets the 60601-1-2 standards of patient safety 

Fanless Design :

Our fanless design reduces the amount of noise within the hospital keep all alerts clear.

IP65 Water Resistant:

IP65 seal protecting from moister and dirt while providing better infection control

(easily cleaned)

Solid-State Drive :

Low power consumption solid state drive for reliable performance and speed. 

24h Operation :

Designed to operate for long sessions at a low consumption rate reserving its components for excessive use.

Rheda Features

Full HD 1080p

Fit for all purposes, provide a clear image with our 1080p All In One Display. ultra sensitive setting optimised to reduce eye strain while viewing, different presets for operation and general use. Get the most of your equipment with these simple features.

Infection Control

Designed with minimum vents to reduce the holes where bacteria can remain, using our security bio-antibacterial solution adds a shield against harmful bacteria. the display is made to be cleaned easily and quickly with a few wipes which is why we adopt a smooth outer shell.

High-Security Data 

As well as supplying the most critical application needs we provide the ease and hassle of worrying about compatibility as we can provide a complete solution from cart to AIO computing. Specially configured with our carts you can be confident in its stability. With co-configuration to work efficiently with our GeniTec Power system, you will get more out of your resources

Fanless cooling

We understand that noise can be an issue when a warnings is critical to follow and hear, we have a fanless cooling system that removed the need for a fan cooler, helping reduce the units noise pollution-removing any unwanted sound from the equation. 


What good is a Computer without Connectivity?

With have jam pack this AIO with lots of connection options to allow you to attach more devices and equipment. Its built in a complete isolation board containing isolation connectors to provide an uninterrupted power supply. Many different hospital equipment do not have a connection to ground, with isolation helps to reduce the risk of an electrical discharge ensuring the operation of the equipment and the lives of those who depend on them. This is specifically made for; operating rooms, intensive care units, delivery rooms and hemodynamic units.

Power Input



System Chipset:

I/O Chip:


Display Chipset:


operating temperature:





6th Generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3/Celeron- Skylake


EC IT8528E


Intel HD Graphics 520

HDMI: 3840x2160 @ 24hz 

0oc-~40oc (32oF ~ 104oF)

  • 21.5" medical multi-domain vertical alignment (MVA) display panel

  • Multi-touch PCT screen, even while wearing three layers of medical gloves

  • Flat and edgeless ID design give doctors the best-in-market user interaction experience

  • White bezel allowing for ease of cleaning

  • Trusted Platform Module, smart card reader

  • Patented smart multifunction OSD keys covering up to 10 features for RFID

  • Reading light, display mode, speaker volume

  • Fanless design

  • Manufactured from medical grade materials

  • Dustproof and waterproof design (IP65 rating)

  • 4xUSB 3.0 - 2x USB 2.0 + Isolation USB 2.0

  • Dual LED reading light


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System Memory:

Isolation Ports:

Power Cables:

Bytec Healthcare is dedicated to developing mobile hardware platforms and battery power systems to facilitate the integration of technology, improving workflows and improving patient outcomes.

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Bytec Healthcare is dedicated to developing mobile hardware platforms and battery power systems to facilitate the integration of technology, improving workflows and improving patient outcomes.

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