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Patient care positively paperless - NHS dropping the load

Cultivating IT within the NHS minimises hassle for staff and a possible saving of an impressive £4billion….or so says Mr Hunt.

With Jeremy Hunt still firmly in the Health Secretary seat, pushing the NHS in to a paperless movement by 2018 is one of his main priorities.

Hoping to save our healthcare billions, by embracing paperless we could, improve our services and help meet our ever ageing population head first.

Going the paperless route will mean, patients health records are able to be tracked through the health and social care system, with constant accessibility. With a simple touch of a button, the healthcare professional will be able to see all patient information. Weather in a remote GP, hospital or care home, all are able to share and make notes.

Not only will this paperless revolution inject the clinicians with positive time saving technology, the patients will see the difference too….

They will be able to notice the difference by just spending a longer length of time that professional are able to spend with them, no longer spending this time searching for their patients notes. This prolonged one to one care will enable the patient to take a considerable amount of control over their own healthcare care. In turn, this patient empowerment has been proven to shorten hospital stays, meaning they can get back to their much needed normalities at home.

Jeremy Hunts wish list in the lead up for 2018….

Online access - Do you fancy accessing your own Healthcare records at a click of a button, sounds too good? Well now you can, with Hunts online request access push through your own GP.

Hospital referrals - Fed up of keeping those endless letters from your GP referring you to the hospital, for yet more tests? Well look no more, with a state of the art email to let you know the same information at the tips of your fingers.

Electronic Links - We all know how busy the NHS is so having electronic live links to your electronic healthcare records would mean easy quick access to all your body history with one click.

Hey presto, by implementing all these things your digital information will be fully available across NHS and social care services by 2018.