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Battery Awarness

Learn all you need to know about batteries. 

Lithium-ion batteries have a low self-discharge rate, so it's possible that a battery stored for four years will still be fine. However, they do degrade over time, especially if stored fully charged, so there will probably be some capacity loss. Some batteries have built-in monitoring circuitry that consumes charge and results in a higher overall "self-discharge" rate, and if the battery is deeply discharged it may be permanently damaged. Usually it's recommended to store lithium-ion batteries at about 40-50% state of charge to reduce the rate of degradation while still leaving some room for self-discharge.



highlighting the safety features of our battery technologyKeep it safe.

Our Airos wall mount is the perfect solution for a central PC hub which adjusts with ease to level at the correct user height. The central handle allows effortless adjustments to meet the ideal position while still achieving a slim slick look and discreet mounting which allows more space for other equipment.

Designed to Maintain capacity

"More to it that meets the eye"


Most providers inform you that the cycles and discharge rate is more than 1000 cycles up to 3000 cycles but due to its chemistry there is alot more too it than cycles. It is most probably un efficient in losses charge over time, when calculating the watt power to charge rate you will find that most of the 3000 cycle is wased on heat and uneffecient aspects like (oooo) 

 Battery Warranty  

"keep it charged"



Our warranty policy is estimated on the time of the battery discharging if the module is not charged or used the safety feature of self-discharging to keep the battery health while in storage. The battery module itself is placed into a deep sleep for storage and once opened and placed onto a charging station or dock will automatically trigger its life. 


Please ensure you charge the battery to a state of 30-50% for a long-lasting battery once charged it can be left for x mouths before it is best to recharge the battery module.


With any battery lithum ion is one of the best proforming slutions for a long lasting battery. 


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