Products designed to fit your healthcare environment

Spending more time with patients is key to our innovative workstation designs.
By mobilising the workstations you can ensure that your time and space usage is maximised, with added flexibility.

Ergonomically designed, our workstations adjust in height for each user, they include a smooth handle for confident manoeuvrability whilst on the move and high durability castors which brake quickly when in use by the bedside. Designed with minimal footprint and integrated cable management for non-cluttered space saving, we help to maximise the effectiveness of your working area.

All surfaces are easily cleaned with approved cleaning products. Multiple accessories can be added to customise your workstations, allowing healthcare consumables to be quickly accessed whilst working on the move.
Geni-TecTM power solutions can be integrated into our workstations, with run times powering you through shifts and enabling mobile bedside data entry.

We can tailor our versatile workstations to your healthcare environment with our OEM design service, to discuss the options available please contact us for more information.

"Looks very sleek and professional… Lovely finish and colour, good infection control surface, easy to clean, smart, good handle…"


The Geni-Cart is battery powered with our Geni-Tec solution, light, versatile with a stylish worktop surface that is ideal for computing needs in a Healthcare environment. This height adjustable mobile station has high durability, designed to suit a fast paced busy work environment. Powered with the Geni-Tec power system this medical cart is a wireless solution which can be charged in situ or with a power docking system for ‘Hot Swappable’ modules. Medi-Stand Ideal for heavy weight applications that require durability and is a perfect fast paced ward solution. Multiple accessories are mount ready for this cart, like the Geni-Cart the Medi-Stand is height adjustable but has a fixed height option too. Sturdy, robust and most importantly, can be powered with the Geni-Tec power system for a complete.

Ideal for heavy weight applications that require durability and is a perfect fast paced ward solution

    Key Features

  • Robust construction for busy environments
  • Small footprint with low friction castors for easy maneuverability
  • Custom mount fittings and accessories to suit your needs
  • Wireless cable management system, no trip hazards
  • Height adjustable or fixed height, no bending
  • Long life battery module, for shift-to-shift use
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Our MIT-Cart range of mobile workstations are simple in design yet practical in use. With a strong and stable platform our custom made aluminum base and heavy duty castors stand up to the rigors of a long working day. Designed to be infection control friendly all surface finishes, textures and materials allow for cleaning quickly and effectively. Let us colour code your MIT-Cart range and accessories to match your working environment. We can also supply Panel PC displays and tailor our Geni-Tec power system to your cart.

Colour code your MIT-Cart range and accessories to match
your working environment

    Key Features

  • Easy cleaning on the go, with seamless molding and smooth surfaces
  • Lightweight design for easy mobility
  • Height adjustable, no bending
  • Internal discreet cable routing, no trip hazard
  • Geni-Tec TM power system for shift-to-shift power
  • Small footprint for space saving
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This medically certified, powered Smart-Cart is a heavy-duty mobile computing platform, ideal for healthcare applications that require greater power delivery and longer run times. Both versatile and flexible, the cart is built on a stable platform suitable for larger sized PPCs or displays.

‘Power Ready’ the Smart-Cart is fitted with power packs that can be easily removed for simple replacement. The height adjustable worktop has fingertip controls to electrically raise or lower the work surface. Its smooth profile makes it easy to clean with antibacterial agents.

Both versatile and flexible the cart is built on a stable platform suitable for larger forms of PC’s or displays

    Key Features

  • Easy to clean surfaces streamline cleaning schedules
  • A robust and versatile mobile mounting system for equipment stacking
  • 100mm dual castors for stable maneuverability
  • Custom accessories for extra storage
  • Cable management solution, no trip hazards
  • Power assisted height adjustable work surface for ease of use
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