Medical Keyboards that give you information at your fingertips

Suitable for use by patients and hospital staff, the latest improved and upgraded Medi-Key keyboard includes our standard displays to indicate the need for cleaning.

This intelligent keyboard’s surface has silver-ion antimicrobial technology, helping prevent the spread of bacteria through cross-contamination.
Perfect for nurse stations, carts and workstations and for providing quick data entry on the move or for patient interaction.

"The Medi-Key can be programmed to advise when cleaning is necessary"


The Medi-Key is manufactured using hypo-allergenic, latex-free, silicone rubber and is coated to resist chlorine and alcohol-based disinfects and cleaners. Activating the ‘disinfect’ mode eliminates the need to switch off the hardware during disinfection. The Medi-Key can be programmed to advise when cleaning  is necessary.

    Key Features

  • Smooth surface finish for easy to clean keys
  • LED indication panel for intelligent disinfect mode
  • Silver-ion antimicrobial technology, reduces the threat of cross-contamination
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Wireless option
  • Innovative docking system for automatic charging
  • Built-in touch pad
  • Compatible with common disinfectants
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The Medi-Key Keyboard is designed to meet the exacting healthcare standards of today.

With Bytec Healthcare’s wireless docking system the ‘hot-swappable’ feature enables quick replacement of wireless key boards with out the need for any user setup.

Contact us to discuss your needs and requirements further so we can tailor your keyboard to your healthcare setting.


The Medi-Key has a back lighting option, perfect for night applications and data entry in low lit environments.

This ODM feature can be realised upon request as well and other ODM options readily available to fit your healthcare environment.