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Keeping things simple is one of our design goals

“At Bytec Healthcare we’re passionate about building sustainable healthcare solutions for a positive future, combining function and purpose in an elegant, simple way.”

Design Approach & Design Services


Keeping things simple is one of our key design goals. Our products are designed for simplicity of use, and we make no apologies for the uncluttered look and feel. We seek to provide products that can integrate easily into daily workflows, simplifying processes and making life easier.
Working with leading manufacturers, business partners and suppliers globally, our aim is to mobilise the next generation of point-of-care solutions. From wards to clinics, operating rooms to intensive care units, we are working towards making wireless technology truly ‘wire’less.



Engineering and development
Looking at new ways of enhancing accessibility lies at the very core of our business. As empowering technologies become ubiquitous in today’s healthcare environments, our ergonomic solutions aim to enhance and complement the usability and ease expected from modern systems.



Consultative services
Bytec Healthcare has undertaken many projects within the healthcare industry and we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner in a wide range of patient / healthcare based technology projects.



Our services include:
• Technology selection and suitability

• Ergonomics and usability

• Safety and infection control

• Regulative conformance
Early stage project engagement and management allows the best practice integration of specific technologies, including our proprietary battery management and logging system.



OEM and ODM services
We offer a range of engineering and design services that leverage our knowledge in the development of ergonomic and power based solutions.

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Our resources include:


• Industrial design

• Electronics design and PCB layout

• Firmware and software development

• Prototyping and validation

• Regulative conformance and testing

• Full product manufacturing in the UK and Taiwan


We can undertake various projects on a turnkey basis or as a support partner.


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